This piece was inspired by a line drawing of ‘Laugharne’ by Mike Brown.

Rather than basing the music entirely on the feeling created in the poem by Dylan Thomas, the music was truly evoked by a combination of the artwork, poetry and Dylan Thomas’ own life. There are elements of mystery, calmness and tranquillity juxtaposed against brash rhythmic propulsion and ‘groovy’ passages evoking the fun and oftentimes raucous nature of the infamous poet.

The artist recalls his visit to the poets writing shed in 1978, “from the graveyard to his house nestled in a unique position right on the water with gulls wheeling and diving, the waves gently lapping on the shore and the realisation that here was such an inspirational place to spend time that the creative mood overtook the visit and you could sense that the scene would have been a great help to develop any artistic thoughts.” This print formed a series of 60 line drawings of scenes and buildings around Wales.

Indeed, location was an important factor behind the music. My own fascination with America coupled with Dylan Thomas’ well documented time spent overseas accounts for the rhythmic fun found in many of the passages. The serene, tranquil and mysterious passages evoke Wales (and more specifically, Laugharne).

This work was premiered by clarinetist Hephzibah Leafe at Powis Hall, Bangor University in May 2014. It was later featured on a Wales’ tour by Ensemble Cymru.

Sampled Version: